Asshole Santa Hits Atlanta (part 1)

I really love Criminal Records. I’d do anything for them. In fact, I love them so much that I smoke shitty cigars, douse myself in equally shitty cologne, don a Santa outfit and then allow store customers to sit on my lap for a day around Christmas. What is this? Well, it’s Asshole Santa, you dunce.

Southern Culture on the Skids and Asshole Santa, Atlanta ’07

With my trusty sidekicks Dookie and Crappy the Elves, we endure six hours of non-stop abuse. However, the abuse goes both ways. We dish it out in great big heapin’ bowls and often times traumatize little children and/or humorless coffee shop types in the process.

Crying baby #56 and Asshole Santa, Atlanta ’07

Here’s a link to this year’s photos. Here’s last year’s. I’m gonna try to find the first year’s. Those were insane.

The elves, Gentleman Jesse, Cole Alexander and Asshole Santa, Atlanta ’07