Another Top 10 For 2008, and a bit more.

So, the editors at Cat Fancy got in touch with me last week and wanted a summation of the year in music according to Billy. I was more than happy to oblige. Thus we have the 2008 Top Ten with brief editorials added for extra so-what-ness. 

It’s Casual
The New Los Angeles
My youth & my middle-age embroiled in a 18 minute knife-fight for my soul

Frightened Rabbit
Midnight Organ Fight
The 1st record in eight years that almost got me drinking again

The Bees Made Honey In The Lion’s Skull
How far they’ve (he’s) come, beautiful and mesmerizing

The Bronx
I sat this album down next to the new Guns N’ Roses and the GnR dried up and withered away like a maggot under a magnifying glass in Death Valley

Neptune With Fire
I don’t smoke the chronic, but this beast will suffice

Woven Hand
Ten Stones
The banjo is the creepiest instrument in music; get right w/ god suckers or don’t.

2% in a different direction of any kind and this would have completely sucked in a bad "Warped Tour" kinda’ way. It navigated that minefield with precision.

Nada Surf
Proof positive that bands can actually get better as they go, once in a great while

Black Angels
Directions To See A Ghost
I’m lost as to why I like this completely unoriginal band so much, must be the screams?

The Jim Jones Revue
Snuck in at the last second. U.K. only right now, but the former Thee Hypnotics leader goes all killer, no filler on this Little Richard/Marshall Stack atom bomb made quick & on the cheap. Nail the speakers to the floor. 

The “I Just Don’t Get It ” Meddles of 2008
[Albums/artist admired by people I respect and trust]

The Gold: Jay Retard – What the hell is all the fuss about? An object lesson in “I want it because they want it”. A feeding frenzy for the musically starved.  
The Silver: Flight Of The Concords – Keep your comedy out of my music. The Grad. School junk to the Tenacious D. High School junk.
The Bronze: REM – “Accelerate” – This? This was the big comeback/return to form? Hardly. Not a turd per say, but it ain’t no “Reckoning” or even “AFTP”.
Compare this to Cheap Trick’s “Rockford” from a couple years back. See, that’s how it’s done fellas.

Honorable mentions: Henry H. Owings’ Top Ten!

As a bonus here’s It’s Casual doing “Insane Terrain” off their special promo 7”!

You may now commence with the call-outs or hell-yeahs in the comment section.

The pay is amazing!

It’s Casual – “Insane Terrain”