Andy Kaufman’s “I Trusted You”

Ah, the Athens "sense of humor." Far too serious to joke and then once they decide to be funny, they fucking snap the goddamned knob off. And to think I lived there for years! Hard to believe…..

Which brings me to BBQ Pants. This band features Dave from Widespread Panic, Kevin and Nick from Hayride and Kyle from Harvey Milk and The Tom Collins. Earlier this week, they were opening for Dinosaur Jr. and, not surprisingly, J. Mascis (former boss and/or band mate to almost all in BBQ Pants) came out to kick out the jams on this absolutely genius cover of Andy Kaufman’s "I Trusted You." I was practically busting a gut during their performance. Great stuff.

BBQ Pants, 40 Watt, Athens ’07

And would you believe two of them have submissions in The Rock Bible?

Phish-eyed photo by Mike White at

Get this entire show at Sloan Simpson’s fantastic Southern Shelter mp3 blog.

BBQ Pants – I Trusted You (with J. Mascis)

BBQ Pants – I Trusted You [reprise] (with J. Mascis)