Albini + Nirvana Vs. Evan Dando (Prank Call)

So it’s 5:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep because I have two labradoodles pinning my feet. I’m too much of a pushover to tell them to get on the floor. So how do I make up for this shortcoming in my slumber? Post a prank call!

This is a pretty self explanatory one, but one that only recently has been uncovered. It’s Albini and the guys from Nirvana pretending to be Madonna’s manager trying to get Evan Dando on the phone with Madonna for five minutes. Go and do your laundry and then come back and continue listening to Dando on hold. It just keeps going.

I’m sure Evan Dando is a nice guy (then again, I doubt it), but man, you talk about a guy that had everything presented to him on a gilded silver plate and blew it in the early 90’s, well, he sure did.

I also uncovered a particularly entertaining diary-esque rant that Kathleen Hanna wrote about Dando as well. Worth a quick read.


ADDENDUM: To those that discredit that this recording IS NOT Dando, behold. (Big ups to Sowley for this.)

Albini/Nirvana – Evan Dando/Madonna prank call