Aberdeen Proving Grounds

A minor sidestep. Although many of you would probably never guess this, I’m an enormous military history nerd. Like, frightfully so…..

A glimpse of what made many of our grandparents shake in their boots…..

So when I went to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds on the way home, I was just thinking I could go in, check out the ordinance and be on my way. Well, thanks to Osama (or at least according to the cops), I had the van completely turned upside down looking for bombs or explosive material. Does anybody see the irony here? The Aberdeen Proving Grounds is where tanks and high caliber guns are sent for testing. So if there’s one place that you’d think it’d be okay to bring that kind of stuff in (or it’d at least not be a high priority) it’d be this place.

Peering through a busted-through tank…..

But going to the APG was kinda sad too. My dad used to take me there routinely as a kid and for some reason, everything just seemed bigger than life. Maybe part of that was the fact that I was 12 and probably 18 inches shorter than I am now. But seeing these rusted out behemoths out in the Maryland countryside is still quite chilling. And I leave you with a picture of the Anzio railgun. Note the size compared to the fella in the foreground.

A German railway gun seized at Anzio