A Friend That Knows What Being a Friend Is

Update: The date has been moved to Wed Nov 28th.

I’m sure you all know how bad we were hit here on the Northeast last week, so I’ll skip the hard sale. Anyway, Mickey Melchiondo (aka Dean Ween) is putting together a benefit show in Asbury Park. I’ve been a fan of Ween and Moistboyz and their circle of bands for a long time. This looks to be a killer show, and it would help some people out if you’re in the Jersey Shore area and can make it out Sunday night. Here’s what’s going on:

"Like a lot of people I know it’s hard to figure out where to best donate money and resources right now. To this end I’ve just arranged a benefit concert for my good friend Nick Honachefsky who lost his home and all of his worldly possessions in the storm. I’m hosting a benefit concert at the Saint in Asbury Park, NJ on Sun Nov. 11–"Dean Ween and Friends" featuring Claude Coleman, Glenn McClelland, Chris Harford, Dickie Moist, and the all of the usual suspects to help Nick get back on his feet. The evening will feature new music and old music by Moistboyz, Chris Harford, Jimmy Wilson, members of Ween, etc. More specific details to follow. Also, there is a fund set up for Nick at this address:

"These are trying times for a lot of my closest friends and family members as well as my brothers and sisters in the NJ fishing community. If we all pitch in a little bit it can go a long way towards a complete recovery and some sense of normalcy to an area which is so sacred to so many of us."


Below is a download of the 1999 Craters of the Sac album intentionally leaked by the band due to a dispute with their label at the time, Elektra Records. It’s not incredibly rare but it’s a great recording that’s reminiscent of their early years in case any of you casual fans missed it.

All That’s Gold Will Turn Black

The Pawns of War

Big Fat Fuck

Put the Coke on my Dick

Makin’ Love in the Gravy

How High Can You Fly

The Stallion (Pt 5)

Suckin’ Blood From the Devil’s Dick

Monique the Freak