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Overrated Book 50% OFF!!!!
Overrated Book 50% OFF!!!!

Our Price: $9.99

CHUNKLET MAGAZINE "the attackers of the high-wall fortress known as pop culture" tears all precious articles of faith to shreds in "The Overrated Book."

This is finally it! Chunklet Magazine A book. It almost makes its socalled "writing" seem credible, authentic, or even possibly, readable. Never mind how overpriced this thing is. It's time for the coffee shop types across the globe to laugh, and the only good that could come from that is if they spilled their double soy chai latte in their laps, burning their genitals into charred, smoldering remains.

Foreword by Patton Oswalt.

NOTE: Overseas customers! The book weighs TWO POUNDS so we're forced to charge more for shipping.

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Man...or Astro-Man? Defcon 54321
Man...or Astro-Man? Defcon 54321
The Indie Cred Test (Penguin Edition)
The Indie Cred Test (Penguin Edition)
The Rock Bible
The Rock Bible