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Chunklet 14
Chunklet 14

Our Price: $30.00
Issue 14 aka The Mad Magazine Issue aka The Cease & Desist Issue
Features include What's The Most Rock Thing You've Ever Done? Survey, How To Be Annoying At Monopoly, Pomo Spy vs. Spy, Heckling and General Show Etiquette, Bill Pullman, The Moog Wave, Guided By Voices vs. Star Trek, The Billions Corporation, History of Duophonic Super 45's, The Clears, The Most Overused Samples, and of course, the Indie Cred Test along with a smattering of reviews. Featured with this issue is a compilation CD (entitled It's Only Four Dollars Every Five Minutes) with exclusive tracks by: Portastatic, The Delta 72, Tranquil, The Green Pajamas, Amp, the Minders, Brother JT, Operation Reinformation, Irving Klaw Trio, Therisphere (Mazarin side project), Log, Neutrino, The Melted Men, The Low Numbers, The Causey Way and Daphne Diaphonous (from The Clears).