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Larissa Strickland - R.I.P.

So Larissa Strickland died from a drug overdose this past week. Unfortunately, it isn't entirely a surprise. Such a stupid way to die.......

To the uninitiated, she was in L-Seven (not the LA all-girl band) and later in the Laughing Hyenas. An absolute MONSTER of a guitar player and was pretty much untouchable as one of the great late 80's/early 90's players. Hands down.

I was always very intimidated by the entire Brannon/Strickland axis of folks when I'd see them. And back in the Pittsburgh days, there were probably no better bills that I saw than either Northern Bushmen or one of those noise mongers opening up for the Hyenas. In fact, I think Kris Kasperowski was the person who threw their first EP in my mitts back when I was at UPitt. God, it seems like it was almost yesterday.

I'm attaching parts of the Hyenas '86 demo tape because, well, I think there's probably a few people out there who'd really like to hear more of this incredible, and now sadly departed, guitar player.

Our thoughts and sympathies go to Larissa's family and friends.

  Laughing Hyenas - Stain ('86 demo)
  Laughing Hyenas - Hell's Kitchen ('86 demo)
  Laughing Hyenas - That Girl ('86 demo)
  Laughing Hyenas - Gabriel ('86 demo)
  Laughing Hyenas - Playground ('86 demo)
  Laughing Hyenas - What Tomorrow Brings ('86 demo)
  Laughing Hyenas - 18 ('86 demo)

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