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Bon Scott Pluggin' Coke (The Other Kind, Silly)

I must admit, I was pretty late to AC/DC. When my family moved to Colorado from the suburbs of Houston in 1980, that was my first introduction to their distinct logo and sound. However, my parents were always super protective and not willing to let me bring records into the house with a schutzstaffel "S" (Kiss and AC/DC were the two big offenders) or pentagrams (Rush, Black Sabbath, etc.) or anything that the catholic church (or worse yet, Donahue!) frowned upon.

A classmate lent me "For Those About To Rock" a couple years later and I dug it, but it wasn't until the mid-90's that I really started obsessing about them.

The yin and yang of protorock®

With mp3 blogs being how they are, finding AC/DC bootlegs is rather common, but really good bootlegs are another story. During my cyber discoveries, I found these recordings.

The first is by Bon Scott's 60's bubblegum pop band, The Valentines, doing a jingle for Coca Cola in Australia. A bit of a novelty.

Okay, each band has their missteps....

The second batch is during AC/DC's first real US push in 1978 where they played any show that Atlantic Records told them. This recording is from a record industry conference in Nashville. Sadly, due to my inability to post more than 7 tks per blog post, I can't include the hilarious radio announcer lead in track, but the rest of the recording shows just how flawless and on fire this band was back in the late 70's. And I have said this a lot, I'd put The Ramones and AC/DC in the same pantheon of amazing bands. Simple. Flawless. Unstoppable.


  The Valentines (pre-AC/DC) - Coca Cola jingle
  AC/DC - Live Wire (Nashville '78)
  AC/DC - Gone Shooting (Nashville '78)
  AC/DC - Rocker (Nashville '78)
  AC/DC - Whole Lotta Rosie (Nashville '78)
  AC/DC - Problem Child (Nashville '78)
  AC/DC - Sin City (Nashville '78)

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