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"Save Me" by April Lynne

After chaperoning Jello Biafra’s Birmingham thrift store record experience for two days, I decided to go out on my own. I found this 45 at the America’s Thrift Store in Roebuck. What stuck out to me was the muted, water-colored embryo on the sleeve. Oddly, the fat little kid granted life in the foreground would most likely be the kind you would want to abort. The music itself is no L'il Markie, but the sentiments are just as sick: “Save me, I don’t want to die in the womb!”

This will be the single I will use against Henry in the new torture tape challenge. One song all day long—no breaks, no escape from the noise of baby savin’. I am so confident in the uncanny annoyingness of this little pro-life gem that I’m already telling him what he is in for. Abortion has never been this fun!

NOTE: The record had a few scuffs at the beginning of the b-side. Sorry about that.

  April Lynne - Save Me (a-side)
  April Lynne - Save Me (b-side)

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