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Jaded Robot
BY: Jaded Robot

The Make*Up
The new album (Dischord)
Whatever. All their albums sound the same anyway. I saw Nation of Ulysses at a house show in '90 before 13 Point Plan To Destroy America came out and it was amazing. I used to think the Make-Up was cool, then I just got some old James Brown albums. That whole "soul" thing is played out anyway. Whatever.

Aerial M
"A practice tape of Slint playing a version of an Aerial M song I found when I moved into Dave Pajo's house in Louisville after he moved to Chicago to record the album Millions Now Living Will Never Die with Tortoise."
Whatever. This is pretty cool. I like the Aerial M version better, but I don't really listen to much indie rock. Whatever.

Instrument home video (Dischord)
Whatever. I was at most of the shows they used for the movie, but Fugazi suck now anyway. Ian gave me a test pressing of his Egg Hunt single and that's pretty cool. Whatever.

"A new song I heard them practicing while I was hanging out with my friends who work at Electrical Audio."
Whatever. This song is very typical of their new stuff. I was hanging out at Steve's old house the night they wrote "Wingwalker" and that was pretty cool. Whatever.

Modest Mouse
A new single (Not released yet, but Modest Mouse played their tape copy of it for me when they slept at my house on tour.)
Whatever. I can't remember what this record was like, because when they played it for me I was reading the liner notes to Stereolab's Dots And Loops LP. Whatever.

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